Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Applications1. These batch type fluid bed dryers use a screw device to extrude and vibrate granular material through high speed mixing.2. Designed for drying moist blocks or powder raw materials for pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical applications.…
  • The FG series vertical type Fluid Bed Dryer is designed for drying of dry powder or granules.Which can be together with High Shear Mixing Granuator.Auto-feeding port for optional.auto-discharging by vacuum feeder can be designed.
  • The vibrating fluid bed dryer is designed for pharmaceutical and chemical industrial applications for all kinds of pressed tablet and granules, boric acid, borax, dihydroxybenzene, malic acid, maleic acid and so on.
  • DescriptionThis continuous fluid bed dryer is a type of fluidizing dryer that consists of an air filter, a heater, fluidizing bed, feeder, cyclone separator, duster and a high pressure centrifuge fan. Because the properties of raw materials can vary, …
  • Application1. The closed circuit fluid bed dryer is mainly used for solvent recovery and drying of solvent based materials.2. For drying of materials with solvent from sway granulators and high-speed mixing granulator.3. For drying of wet granules an…
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